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A Letter from Owner Bruce Johnson

Bruce Johnson - Owner & Founder

Bruce Johnson - Owner & Founder

In regards to my philosophy toward Marine National Resources Management I hereby submit the following:

Over the past 30 years I have earned my living from the national marine resources. During these years I've changed my thinking on a number of issues due to the direct experience I have encountered.

I began as a commercial fisherman in Kailua Kona in the late 1960's. I was fortunate to learn from the elders who taught me how to catch fish and the philosophy from the old school. This has given a base to my philosophy that I always try to apply to today's situation.

I feel strongly about the management of our marine resources, without management we have no future.

I also feel equally compassionate toward our economically fragile commercial fisherman, and the danger of losing this way of life that was once very strong here in Hawaii.

The Third and equal concern I have is the preservation of a life style and enjoyment of our people in Hawaii who share the ocean and its resources. This is part of the Hawaiian culture and must be thought of as an equal priority. (Recreational fisherman)

My belief is there must be a balance of these three major issues confronting us today. I have made myself available for council as a member of the advisory board for bottom fishing management for over 25 years because I feel that the experiences I've had will bring the balance necessary to make decisions, even though sometimes unpopular.

Meeting many islanders during my various jobs in the south pacific I realized that most of the south pacific islands are a mirror image of Hawaii 50 years prior. This is another reason for my interest on these councils; to hopefully have an impact and help them prevent similar mistakes we've experienced.

My experience operating a wholesale distribution seafood company since 1975 has given me great insight into the economics of fisheries. I hope to be of use when we face issues regarding impact to industry.

Fishing has been my major source of information, it's hard to describe all that one learns from fishing, but in 30 years of being associated with the sea and its environment I have a very strong desire to see it continue and give back some of what I've been given.

I will do my best to equally serve the three priorities I have mentioned.

Bruce Johnson,
Owner / CEO