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Bottom Fishing Closure

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Fresh Island Fish would like to inform you of the upcoming Hawaiian Island Bottomfish Seasonal Closure.

WHEN: May 15 – October 1

WHERE: Main Hawaiian Islands

WHY? To help regenerate these species

As of May 15 2007 new regulations prohibit fishing of 7 Deep Sea species around the Main Hawaiian Islands (MHI). This includes Opakapaka, Onaga, Ehu, Gindai, Kalekale, Lehi, & Hapu’upu’u. This is in an effort to help regenerate the declining population of these species around the Main Hawaiian Islands. This closure does not include the North Western Hawaiian Islands

We at Fresh Island Fish fully support this closure. We plan to furnish your snapper needs by continuing to obtain fish from all regions of the Pacific Ocean in order to relieve depleting pressure on any particular stock. We have encouraged the state of Hawaii to take this action since the 1970’s and are proud to participate in taking resource management to another level.

The “Deep 7” Bottom Fish Species