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Uncles – Star Bulletin Review Fresh fish reels in crowds to Uncle’s Creationists attacking Darwin’s theory of evolution have probably never been to Hawaii, where, clearly, human inhabitants have evolved to adapt physically and behaviorally to island living. Living in this petri dish, it’s hard to realize just how weird and tweaked we are by the notion of crowds […]

Uncles – KHON Interview

Circle, highlight and underline Wednesday, June 27th on your calendar. That’s the day Uncle’s Fish Market and Grill opens its doors to the public.

Uncles – KGMB Review It’s all about the fresh fish at Uncle’s Fish Market and Grill off Nimitz Highway. Uncle’s gets its catch right off the boats at Pier 38. Our Ramsay Wharton is down there this morning to check it all out. Ramsay talks with Mike Lee, president of Fresh Island Fish Co. and Chef Geoffrey Arakawa. […]


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