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Uncles – KHON 1 year later

A year after opening with now a bar and entertainment and off course the great grinds. The fish comes off the fishing boats just a few yards away and rolled right into the freezers of Uncle’s. You can’t get it any more fresh then this.

Uncles – Star Bulletin Staff Picks

Creationists attacking Darwin’s theory of evolution have probably never been to Hawaii, where, clearly, human inhabitants have evolved to adapt physically and behaviorally to island living. Living in this petri dish, it’s hard to realize just how weird and tweaked we are by the notion of crowds and scarcity.

Wolfgang Puck visits FIFCO !

Fresh Island Fish Owner, Bruce Johnson, was asked by the Food Network to take Wolfgang and his camera crew fishing for his TV Show “Wolf Gang” Mr. Johnson obliged with a full tour of the Honolulu Auction and a full day of fishing off the Maui coastline. Watch for us on the Food Network: Thursdays […]

2003 Hawaii Business Magazine

For a second year in a row – Fresh Island Fish makes the top 250 businesses in Hawaii as voted by Hawaii Business Magazine .


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